About me

Hi! I’m Sidharth. I’m a solution oriented problem solver, software/hardware developer with a wide variety of professional and academic experience. I did my bachelor’s in Computer Science from Amrita School of Engineering, a prestigious university in India. currently I’m a Master’s student in Electrical Engineering at University at Buffalo. My research interests include software/hardware co-design, computer architecture, time and space complexity analysis and optimization, digital design and FPGA programming.

I developed an interest in programming during my school days and realized that I had the insight and logic for writing small computer programs even without formal background. My penchant for programming directed me to choose Computer Science Engineering as my major for under- graduate studies. During the program, I gained significant insights into various fundamental areas like data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming, networks, databases, applied mathematics, etc.My university was also well-known for undertaking cutting-edge research in various areas and disseminating these technologies to benefit economically backward people. Such a unique vision of using technology for the upliftment of society resonated deeply with my thoughts.It was then that I realized that technology and social service could indeed go hand in hand.Upon completing my undergraduate studies, I landed up a job in an MNC company (Ernst & Young India division) as a software engineer.Within a short period of two years, my management promoted me to the role of Advanced Analyst. However, I realized that a larger organization’s work scope is narrow and challenged my status quo here.

Due to my intense yearning to learn the entire spectrum of software development, I joined a startup – AdySas Scientific Software Solutions. Adysas develops healthcare solutions containing many machine learning use cases using disruptive software technologies.My career at AdySas was very gratifying, involving valuable learning experiences in a short period, primarily due to the association with founders who have PhDs from the USA’s top universities.realized that the fundamentals of computer science, electrical engineering, applied mathematics, and problem-solving skills are the seminal areas to be mastered to contribute to the technological disruptions mentioned earlier and decided to do my Masters in Electrical Engineering at University at Buffalo.

During my master’s program I developed proficiency in subjects such as Computer Architecture, VLSI design, Computer Networks and FPGA programming. some of the notable projects that I did was designing a chip for autonomous driving, designing an 8 bit micro processor using MIPS instruction set architecture, blur modeling, Pneumonia detection using Convolutional Neural Networks, Analysis of cache performance using GEM5 simulator etc.

My Master’s program turned out to be very gratifying and I have decided to pursue a PhD in Electrical Engineering under Professor Zhangyu Guan to build a strong research background in the area of Hardware/Software co-design for flying vehicular networks.I believe that my educational and work experience has given me the strong fundamentals, back- ground knowledge, analytical capability, computational skills, and most importantly, the focus, commitment, and drive to contribute positively in this challenging endeavour.